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Zachary Kutik
September 23rd
Zachary Novak
September 23rd
Noah Wexler
September 23rd
Christian Lemieux
September 23rd
Dominick Baker
September 23rd
Derin Yarsuvat
September 23rd
Kris Kidder
September 23rd
Kyle Zarnoch
September 23rd
Stephen Hayes
September 23rd
David Haller
September 23rd
Edward Hemp
September 23rd
Jonathan Phan
September 23rd
Akhil Koka
September 23rd
Tom Appel
September 23rd
Joseph Nuttle
September 23rd

Rush Information 

We are excited to initiate the new potentials that received bids and welcome them into the bond we all share!






News and Updates

(09/17/13) - Rush has ended and we are proud to start educating 11 new potentials who accepted their bids!
We are excited to help educate them to become better men for a better world.

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E-Board Members

President: Derek Palmerton

Vice President: Kyle Zarnoch

Secretary: Colton Spahmer

Treasurer: Andrew Mueller

Historian: Marshall Hallenbeck

Chaplain: Jarrett Plante

Sergeant-at-Arms: Akhil Koka

Educator: Derin Yarsuvat

Recruitment: Eric Marguerite

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